About the Group

The Clinical Human Factors Group (CHFG) is an independent campaign group (registered as a charitable trust) which aims to stimulate dialogue and demonstrate through concrete action how a better understanding of the role of human factors can have a significant impact on safety, quality and productivity in healthcare.

The CHFG is a broad coalition of healthcare professionals, managers and users of services who have partnered with experts in human factors from healthcare and other high-risk industries to campaign for change in the NHS.

Our vision is of a healthcare system that places an understanding of human factors at the heart of improving clinical, managerial and organisational practice leading to significant improvements in safety and efficiency. Our Manifesto for change outlines how we plan to achieve this vision.

The CHFG has no official remit, although increasingly we are being recognised as the point
of contact for issues around human factors in healthcare and have even been recognised for our work in culture change by the current Secretary of State for Health in his maiden speech.

Our goal is to accelerate the impact of human factors adoption in healthcare. The NHS and healthcare community must “do” the embedding; we will influence, stimulate, motivate, help, guide, coach, coordinate and keep the dialogue going across organisations so that we get there quicker.