‘Never?’ Report

This report, drawn up by the Clinical Human Factors Group, looks at nine wrong site surgery cases that were investigated last year, nine patients, nine families, nine clinicians and their teams all who thought it […]

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Introduction to Patient Safety

Professor Charles Vincent provides an summary of his recently published second edition on Patient Safety. This 61-page free pdf file, which may be used for non-commercial purposes, is essential reading for anyone starting to understand […]

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‘How to’ Guide to Human Factors – Volume 1

Patient Safety First’s “How to” Guide for implementing Human Factors in Healthcare

This guide provides a useful introduction to the concept of human factors in healthcare, and suggests how its elements can […]

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Human Factors Informed Commissioning

The following briefing paper, “Human Factors Informed Commissioning: Adding value to NHS productivity, efficiency, effectiveness & quality“, was developed by the CHFG, and delivered to Simon Stevens and Bruce Keogh earlier this month. It […]

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Just a Routine Operation teaching video

You can view the video here at Vimeo


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How culture change could be achieved in the NHS – Occupational Psychology Report launched

The practical steps required to implement culture change in the NHS is the subject of a new report launched today, Thursday 6th November 2014, by the British Psychological Society’s (BPS) Division of Occupational Psychology (DOP) (details […]

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Independent safety investigation needed in the NHS *paper now available here*

The NHS should follow the lead of aviation and other safety-critical industries and establish an independent safety investigation agency, according to a paper published today by the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine (*now direct access […]

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Conceptual Model: Human Factors Proficiency

What Human Factors skills are required by your staff at an individual level and at a system level?

This conceptual model on Human Factors proficiency across different roles in the NHS was developed by the NHS […]

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A Model of Organisational Dysfunction in the NHS

This  conceptual paper, by Rachael Pope and Bernard Burnes, was published in 2013 in the Journal of Health Organization and Management,  Vol. 27 No. 6

It aims to explore “the reasons for the sometimes seemingly irrational and dysfunctional […]

How does healthcare compare to other industries?

How does healthcare compare to other industries when it comes to embedding human factors – a thought provoking chart can be downloaded here: HF comparison with other […]

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