Target £16.300

Healthcare is full of examples of poor design, such as: drugs packaging & storage; non-standardised infusion pumps; anaesthetic machines with critical switches unguarded and not alarmed etc. that have an impact on patient safety. The Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch investigations identify design as a contributing factor in most of their investigations and recommend that NHS Procurement should use human factors evaluation techniques to ensure that the safest and easiest to use products are purchased.

Currently there is no UK guidance on how to use human factors (or usability assessment) in healthcare procurement. CHFG are planning on producing a document which could standalone or support the project outlined above but would be targeted at Trust procurement, clinical procurement specialists, and any other staff involved with procurement.

We propose working with NHS Procurement, Regulatory and Standards bodies, to draft an easy to use guide for Procurement that outlines how to use human factors in procurement, how and when to engage with experts based on level of product risk – already established in the procurement process.

Further information; CHFG blog of fixing the impact of poor usability of patient safety: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YGECOwzu-gFJCgleaGJIm-A86GUyXq1R/view

CHFG Booklet ‘Safer healthcare by Design ‘to bring to light, for a wider audience, the issues that poor design in healthcare cause and how human factors could be used during procurement to bring about improvements to patient safety and cost savings. https://chfg.org/applying-human-factors-for-safer-healthcare-design/

We are looking to raise £16,300 in 2020 to complete this project.