This conference focuses on a multidisciplinary approach to improving safety in maternity services – learning, and implementing recommendations from the Ockenden Review and Final Report 2022.

“The first Ockenden review of maternity services at Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital highlighted that ‘staff who work together must train together’. .. multidisciplinary training in maternity can improve patient outcomes for both mothers and their babies.”

Care Quality Commission May 2022

“Having a baby is one of the most important times for a family and when women and their babies come into contact with NHS maternity services they should receive the very best and safest care. We already know that improvements to maternity care need to be made across the country.”

Donna Ockenden Chair Independent Reviews into Maternity Services at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust & Shrewsbury & Telford NHS Trust 26 May 2022

“Safe, high-quality maternity care is not an ambitious or unrealistic goal. It should be the minimum expectation for women and babies”

Care Quality Commission May 2022

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