Aimed at Clinicians and Managers, this national virtual conference will provide a practical guide to human factors in healthcare, and how a human factors approach can improve patient care, quality, process and safety.

“Today, patient harm due to unsafe care is a large and growing global public health challenge and is one of the leading causes of death and disability worldwide. Most of this patient harm is avoidable”

WHO, 2021

“There are signs that the NHS is starting to take human factors seriously—and Covid-19 is a driver.”

BMJ August 2020

“Human factors understanding focuses on optimising human performance through better understanding the behaviour of individuals, their interactions, with each other and with their environment. In health care, it underpins patient safety, offering an integrated approach to quality improvement and clinical excellence.”

Health Education London 2020

“It is human to make mistakes so we – the NHS – need to continuously reduce the potential for error by learning and acting when things go wrong…Patient safety specialist should have oversight of and provide support for patient safety activities across their organisations. Part of their role will be to ensure that systems thinking, human factors and just culture principles are embedded in all patient safety activity.”

The NHS Patient Safety Strategy

“Getting the human factors right minimises error, and maximises performance. It makes it easier to do the right thing, and harder to do the wrong thing. Over 1.3 million people work in the NHS, treating more than a million patients a day. We need to ensure that our staff are equipped with the underlying principles that enable them to be flexible enough and resilient and resilient enough to deliver high quality care, for the safety of our patients. Having an understanding of human factors is one way to address this.”

Health Education England 2021

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