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Our vision is of a healthcare system that places an understanding of human factors at the heart of improving clinical, managerial and organisational practice leading to significant improvements in safety and efficiency.

To work towards achieving this vision, CHFG’s ‘Manifesto for change’ focuses on three crucial areas:

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Promoting Human Factors principles in education and training

We want to see human factors included in the core curricula of all health professionals and managers throughout their training and professional life. Whilst some good progress is being made, it is unacceptable that methods and techniques that have been shown to be effective in reducing avoidable harm to patients are not routinely being trained and examined as part of ongoing professional development.

Building ‘high reliability’ organisations

We see as crucial the development of cultures which actively and systematically support people to exchange views, listen and respond to the concerns of others. Visible leadership that creates strong, respectful and accountable relationships between professionals, managers and users of healthcare services is central to safe and efficient care. We strongly advocate a proactive and practical approach to embedding human factors into the fabric of healthcare organisations using proven methods and techniques.

Intelligent regulation and independent investigation

The current system of safety regulation and investigation is divided between many agencies, overly complex and seen as remote and increasingly ineffective by practitioners and the public alike. The NHS lacks the required forensic skills to take account of underlying systemic and human factor causes of serious error which necessarily form the basis for prevention and improvement.
A safer, more reliable and efficient NHS will remain a pipe-dream until we create a culture where human error is seen as normal, inevitable and as a source of important learning. We believe that for all serious failures of care, independent expert investigation must become mandatory.

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