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We have three manifesto aims

Design for safety

Embed Human Factors science into procurement, design and delivery of care.

Learn from success and failure

Encourage a just culture, better local investigations, so mistakes can be eradicated and success repeated.

Educate and promote

Educate and promote Human Factors in all healthcare settings.

Our impact to date

Human Factors is now on the agenda

Our activity raise awareness – Human Factors is now a common discussion topic amongst politicians, policy makers, Royal Colleges, regulators and healthcare.  Human Factors methods are used to analyse serious incidents. There is recognition that addressing root causes withi the ststem avoudes reoccurrence rather than merely blaming an individual.

Human Factors Training is standard

Human Factors now feature in the work of professional bodies with the GMC and NMC incorporating it into standards of practice and education for doctors and nurses, along with the related topics of team resource management and non-technical skills training.

Human Factors in central to national projects

We provided expertise to develop the National Quality Board Concordat – a strategy to embed Human Factors into the NHS, and other nationwide projects including: Patient Safety First; Sign up to Safety; and Surgical Safety Task Force.  National enquiries draw upon our work to provide evidence for parliamentary committees for patient safety and investigations.

An independent investigation branch is launched

We achieved the Charity’s long held ambition: the establishment of the World’s first national body in 2017 – a no-blame investigation body using the model from the transport industry.  We continue to work with policy makers to develop ground breaking legislation due before Parliament.

10 years of Open Seminars

We’ve hosted at least two seminars per year, most either free or incurring a small charge, to educate, inform and motivate audiences across the NHS’ critical staff and managers, as well as, researchers, product developers, training providers and policy makers.  We attract international World-class, inspirational speakers, including our Trustees and Ambassadors, and patients and relatives that we have worked with to support them to tell their story.

Through our seminars and more recently our online forum and conference meetings, we have provided a valued and independent platform for discussion, learning and debate about the best ways to implement and sustain Human Factors in the current and challenging healthcare environment.

Human Factors resources for healthcare

With additional support we have published resources developed by Human Factors experts working with front line healthcare workers to provide practical, realistic and easy to use resources.