Captain Chris Seal

//Captain Chris Seal

Retired pharmacist and military/commercial pilot instructor

High Performance Human Factors Coaching Consultant

Member of Pharmaceutical Organisational Human Factors Group

Member of Royal Aeronautical Society – Flight Operations Group

Chairman of UK Air Safety Group

Advocacy roles for CHFG

  • Providing organisational safety culture assessment and subsequent training/coaching for healthcare teams
  • Speaking at conferences / external meetings and events
  • Briefing meetings with external agencies / key stakeholders
  • Providing ad hoc advice to other CHFG supporters
  • Coaching or mentoring for other CHFG supporters

Manifesto alignment

  • Human factors education and training
  • Building high reliability organisations
  • Intelligent regulation and independent investigation

Relevant experience

Provide human-factors coaching in numerous NHS Trusts and hospitals. Introduced Human Factors course to RAF Flying Instructors school. Refined Human Factors in RAF Squadrons during operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. Working with scientists in measuring fatigue in the work place.


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