Dr Jane Carthey

//Dr Jane Carthey

Dr Jane Carthey

Human Factors and Patient Safety Consultant, JC Consulting

Advocacy roles for CHFG

  • Speaking at events
  • Briefing meetings with external agencies / key stakeholders

Manifesto alignment

  • Human factors education & training
  • Building high reliability organisations
  • Intelligent regulation and independent investigation

Relevant experience

Dr Carthey is a dynamic human factors consultant with technical expertise gained from both research and consultancy roles in healthcare and other industries. She has excellent project management and client interaction skills, and is passionate about applying human factors science to improve safety. Her PhD thesis was on communication and decision making in nuclear emergency management. She has since carried out research on human factors and outcomes in cardiac surgery, safety management systems, safety culture, applying human factors methods to improve handovers, measuring and monitoring patient safety, the role of safety regulators and non-compliance with policies and procedures.

Jane has experience at a national and Trust level in the NHS: Formerly Assistant Director of Patient Safety and Head of Research at the National Patient Safety Agency, she has worked as an independent consultant since 2005. In her consultancy role, Dr Carthey has led projects involving applying prospective risk assessment tools to healthcare settings, on organisational safety culture, and teamwork. She facilitates human factors, incident investigation and apologies and explanations training (having formerly led the NPSA’s Being open programme). She has also worked with NHS and higher education Boards, delivering human-factors based leadership and governance reviews.

Recent publications include being a co-author of the Health Foundation report, Measurement and Monitoring of Safety and Taking Further Steps: Implementing Human Factors in Healthcare.


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