Dr Matthew Inada-Kim

//Dr Matthew Inada-Kim

Consultant in Acute Medicine, Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Advocacy roles for CHFG

  • Speaking at events
  • Briefing meetings with external agencies / key stakeholders
  • Providing ad hoc advice to other CHFG supporters

Manifesto alignment

  • Human factors education & training
  • Building high reliability organisations

Relevant experience

– Consultant Physician in Acute/General Medicine with accreditation in community medicine.
– Specialist Interest in Quality developing secondary care/ambulatory care by quality improvement in clinical pathways, physiological monitoring, documentation, communication/handover and the development of electronic systems to enable these.


-Expert working group Health Education England- Learning to be Safer
-Coauthor RCP Acute Care toolkit on Sepsis 2014
-Faculty Patient Safety Academy
-Clinical Human Factors Group

-Lead for Sepsis- Wessex Academic Health & Science Network (2014-)
Patient Safety Federation (2015-)
Oxford Academic Health & Science Network (2015-)
-Lead for Deterioration
-Set up/run Acute units at 3 trusts
-Kings Fund, Leading for Quality in 2010-11
-Harkness fellowship 2011-2
-Studied leadership models at the best/worst performing institutions,talent management & prestigious courses of some of the best systems,attended leadership seminar series at both IHI & Harvard
-collaborated with eminent international thought leaders in policy, quality/safety and economics

diagnosing systemic problems in health care
leading on innovating, implementing and measuring solutions. My work in this area on Sepsis, IT systems, Ergonomics, Handovers & Transitions of care and in Deteriorating patients have won national/international recognition in Patient safety and Education/Training.
Sepsis coding

2014 NIHR ECHO study culminating in 3 peer-reviewed papers
2015 Editorial on Sepsis (SAM journal)


Please contact info@chfg.org if you would like to get in touch with one of our Advocates.

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