Trevor Dale

//Trevor Dale

Human Factors Trainer, Atrainability

Advocacy roles for CHFG

  • Speaking at events
  • Briefing meetings with external agencies / key stakeholders
  • Providing ad hoc advice to other CHFG supporters
  • Coaching or mentoring CHFG supporters

Manifesto alignment

  • Human factors education & training

Relevant experience

Atrainability are currently working across the healthcare spectrum in NHS and the private sector to bring their aviation-based training skills to enhance patient safety.
Specialised courses are in Human Factors Team Skills for:
A & E Teams, Ward Leaders, Postgraduate Doctors, Child & Adult Safeguarding specialists, Surgical Teams and Mental Health Teams and many more. Specialist skills include class-based interactive learning and supportive coaching in the worklpace.

Trevor was a British Airways pilot from 1971 until 2005 predominantly on long haul routes. For the final 12 years he was a Training Captain on DC 10 and 747 aircraft. He was also one of the pioneers of the introduction of CRM (Crew Resource Management) training into the Airline, as well as developing training courses for pilot instructors.

Trevor is highly active in development of research and training initiatives in healthcare, aviation and other safety-related industries.

Trevor is passionate about developing human factors for the benefit of patient safety and all other safety related activities

Specialties: Training and coaching of teamworking skills in all high reliability safety related industries.


Please contact if you would like to get in touch with one of our Advocates.

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