Sue Mellor

//Sue Mellor

Sue Mellor

Director – SMM Coaching & Consultancy Ltd

Head of Patient Experience, The Royal Bournemouth & Christchurch NHS Foundation Trust

Advocacy roles for CHFG

  • Speaking at conferences / external meetings and event
  • Briefing meetings with external agencies / key stakeholders
  • Coaching or mentoring for other CHFG supporters

Manifesto alignment

Human factors trainer. Passionate regarding high quality care to ensure a culture of patient safety, working with teams to recognise mutual accountability and the impact of effective leadership and followership on the patient outcome and experience. Proud to be an advocate of CHFG and would like to do more.

Relevant experience

TRM trainer; MA Research In Coaching & Mentoring in Practice, Specialist in Team Coaching, Coach Supervisor, extensive large scale organisational change and several psychometric tools in repertoire of skills. Have worked extensively with challenged teams to improve performance and professional behaviours.


Please contact if you would like to get in touch with one of our Advocates.

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