Venue: Royal College of Nursing, 20 Cavendish Square, London, W1G 0RN

The CHFG are running a one day conference looking at how design and procurement in medical devices and systems can proactively improve patient safety.

Clinicians tell us about poor design in healthcare and the impact on patient safety – from mistakes with kit, wrong route medication errors, and IT systems that add to the workload of an already stretched workforce.  230 preventable deaths per week reported in 2017.  It’s likely that design is a contributing factor in a significant proportion, although detailed and thorough investigation is needed to tease out these issues (as shown by HSIB reports).

Is there an opportunity for the NHS to elevate ‘ease of use’ (usability) alongside utility and cost during procurement?  This would enable us to eliminate and control more risks at source and help to ensure that equipment, including medical devices and IT, do what we need it to do in a safe, efficient and effective manner.

For the first time we are bringing together procurement, designers, clinicians and human factors & ergonomists to talk about the issues in healthcare, the impact on patient safety, what we know works to improve design, and what we can do to  bring about a practical, proportionate and commercially viable way of informing healthcare procurement.

We have confirmed speakers including

  • Martin Bromiley OBE
  • Dr Tom Clutton-Brock – Anaesthesia and Critical Care Birmingham University
  • Richard Featherstone – Director Human Factors Research & Design – Emergo by UL
  • Tracey Herlihey – Head of Safety Intelligence HSIB
  • Jo Gander – Director Clinical and Product Assurance NHS Supply Chain
  • Dan Jenkins – Head of Research (Human Factors and Interaction) DCA Design International
  • Alana Wood and Ashley Sumner Google DeepMind Health
  • Professor Chris Frerk, Anaesthetist.

Who should attend?

  • human factors specialists and ergonomists
  • procurement – central and local
  • designers and manufacturers
  • Healthcare staff

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