Venue: De Vere West One Conference Centre – London

The deadline for adoption of NEWS2 in acute and ambulance trusts is 31 March 2019 “Through standardisation of NEWS we can reduce the number of patients whose conditions deteriorate whilst in hospital, and potentially save over 1800 lives a year.” ……….“The deadline for adoption of NEWS2 in acute and ambulance trusts is 31 March 2019. This was mandated in the Patient Safety Alert issued jointly by the us, RCP and NHS England in April 2018.” ……“Failure to recognise or act on signs that a patient is deteriorating is a key patient safety issue. It can result in missed opportunities to provide the necessary care to give the best possible chance of survival…NHS England’s aim is for all acute hospital trusts and ambulance trusts to fully adopt NEWS2 for adult patients by 31 March 2019.” NHS England

In January 2019, NHS England, in partnership with NHS Improvement, Health Education England and the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) published the NEWS2 resource pack. READ IN FULL HERE

“The mismanagement of deterioration is the most common area of systemic failure in avoidable patient death across the NHS and poor communication is the leading root cause of adverse events in healthcare.”

“90% of cardiac arrests are preceeded by a deterioration in vital signs. When a deteriorating patient’s worsening condition is not clear to clinical staff, it can lead to serious problems, complications, and death. The National Early Warning Score (NEWS) is the best available system for assessing physiological risk in deteriorating patients[2] and is already in use in 80% of hospitals and nearly all ambulance trusts in England. The single warning score offers a unified language to describe and communicate the physiological risk of sick patients, and can be used by all healthcare professionals in all settings.” Dr Matt Inada-Kim, National Clinical Advisor, NHS Improvement, 18th December 2018

The Deteriorating Patient Summit focuses on recognising and responding to the deteriorating patient through improving the reliability of patient observations and ensuring quality of care to reduce failure to rescue of acutely ill patients. The conference will include National Developments and Case Studies highlighting the effective implementation of NEWS2 – the New National Early Warning Score.

“Failure to recognise or act on signs that a patient is deteriorating, for example changes in systolic blood pressure or pulse rate, is a key patient safety issue. In 2017, the National Reporting and Learning System (NRLS) received 100 reports where deterioration may not have been recognised or acted on and the patient died. Although these patients may not have survived even with prompt action, the care provided did not give them the best possible chance of survival.” NHS England Patient Safety Alert 2018

“The timely detection and treatment of the deteriorating patient is a complex problem and, despite all the past initiatives, we continue to see significant issues. It appears that the whole system needs to be looked at afresh to address this important patient safety issue” NHS Improvement

“This year the Royal College of Physicians has released the second version of the National Early Warning Score – NEWS2. The opportunity that we’ve all seen with this is one of transformational change. Though the first version had established itself in some organisations, others showed little motivation to move away from their local variations.” Dr Ron Daniels Chief Executive UK Sepsis Trust June 2018

The conference continues with a practical case study based sessions on identifying patients at risk of deterioration, improving practice in patient observations, responding to the deteriorating patient, and improving the communication of NEWS at the interface of care. There will also be a focus on investigating avoidable deaths where deterioration has not been recognized. Extended sessions will focus on identification of deterioration and improving the response to sepsis

This conference will enable you to:

Network with colleagues who are working to improve the recognition and management of deteriorating patients
Learn from outstanding practice in improving care for deteriorating patients
Reflect on national developments and learning including latest evidence on NEWS2
Develop your skills in identifying deteriorating patients
Understand how technology and e-observation systems can improve practice
Ensure effective implementation of NEWS2
Understand how you can improve the communication of NEWS at the interface of care
Develop your skills in the investigations of avoidable deaths where deterioration was not recognized
Self assess, reflect and expand your skills in the management of sepsis
Gain CPD accreditation points contributing to professional development and revalidation evidence

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