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Unfortunately, many healthcare professionals and stakeholders remain ignorant or unconvinced of the benefits of embedding human factors in healthcare culture.

We all have our own stories to tell of the events that made us believe so passionately in human factors. A library of evidence and stories, collated, analysed, categorised and readily accessible would be difficult to dismiss and an exceptional resource.

A multitude of data streams from different individuals and organisations would provide a bigger picture of the role human factors play in development, management and prevention of critical incidents and near misses in healthcare.  This could include evidence of the contribution of human factors in the design of devices, equipment, systems etc. to patient safety, as well as human factors training.

The richest source of human factors evidence is almost certainly held by you and other supporters of the CHFG.

We would like your help to produce this library of evidence. Could you send us an account of what led to that ‘light bulb moment’ and convinced you of the importance of human factors in healthcare? This might be:

  • A story
  • An incident or error; witnessed or personal
  • Your own research data
  • Scientific papers you have read
  • A case study
  • Testimonies
  • Benefits of human factors training
  • Something else

If you know of colleagues, groups or societies who may also be able to provide evidence to support this objective, please forward a link to this page and invite them to contribute.

This information should be sent in electronic format to

Where possible, please indicate how your evidence has led to a change in your own, someone else’s or your institution’s practice. In addition, what has been the reaction of colleagues when you have relayed your evidence to them?

The evidence will be collated and categorised by members of the CHFG to produce a toolkit to help convince others of the importance of human factors.  At this stage, we cannot identify the precise format, and to an extent we’re going to ask that you trust the CHFG Standing Group to use the information responsibly.  Of course we would ask that you ensure patient, healthcare worker and institution confidentiality where appropriate. However, much of the power of such evidence can come from your own preparedness to put your name to it. We do understand though, that some of you may ask that your contributions do not carry the author’s name. We will respect this if you request it.

If as a health professional you have a story of a minor surgical mishap or near miss, you may wish to report this confidentially via the CORESS website on This is limited to the surgical specialties and is absolutely confidential.

Thank you for your support of the CHFG