Date: 7th May 2019

Venue: Royal Society of Medicine

This meeting will bring together veterinary practice and human healthcare shared knowledge, research and experiences in patient safety.

In this event organised by the Royal Society of Medicine in association with VetLed and MedLed, practitioners, researchers and experts in both veterinary and human patient safety will explore opportunities for collaboration and find similarities and differences around the scale of harm in human and animal healthcare.
We hope this course will encourage and support ongoing dialogue and collaboration to reduce harm and improve quality of care for both animals and humans based on current innovations, education and research.

Topics include:

  • Understand the importance/value of a reporting culture in improving safety
  • Understand the concept of human factors and their contribution to both harm and safety in human and animal healthcare
  • Appreciate the importance of education and training in relation to human factors and non-technical skills and methods of delivery
  • Understand areas of current research linked to human factors, their impact in clinical practice and the challenges of implementing safer processes and procedures
  • Understand the impact of practitioner wellbeing on patient safety and be able to describe tools available to promote wellbeing in practice

If you would like to attend please  click here to visit the organisers website.