Venue: De Vere West One, London

If you are involved in improving any part of the patient experience such as patient care, reducing patient harm, improving quality of service or reducing waiting time then the Lean tools can have a significant impact. Lean in healthcare is a highly interactive one-day workshop aimed at individuals & teams at all levels who want to gain an understanding of the lean philosophy, tools and techniques.

Participants in this workshop learn by doing. Hands-on exercises simulate inefficient systems and processes encountered in their workplaces. Equipped with Lean tools staff can then identify waste in their health care delivery processes and start to reduce or eliminate that waste

“Patient Safety is about maximising the things that go right and minimising the things that go wrong…Healthcare staff operate in complex systems, with many factors influencing the likelihood of error. These factors include medical device design, volume of tasks, clarity of guidelines and policies, and behaviour of others. A ‘systems’ approach to error considers all relevant factors and means our pursuit of safety focuses on strategies that maximise the frequency of things going right.

NHS Patient Safety Strategy July 2019

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