Venue: The Studio, 7 Cannon Street, Birmingham, B2 5EP

Unsafe pharmaceutical packaging, together with look-alike labelling, have both been identified as major contributing factors to medication errors, which are the single most preventable cause of patient harm. However, labelling is only one aspect of the process for ensuring safe use. Feedback about reports of medication errors indicate that a systems-wide approach to how the label is developed, used and amended is needed.

This CIEHF-organised one day event will look at ways human factors can address many of the issues. The day will start with a keynote presentation, including feedback from a user’s perspective, and will be followed by a taster workshop on a human factors approach to tackling labelling issues. After lunch, there will be syndicate group workshops, to discuss together the next steps needed to ensure future optimal labelling of medicines and healthcare products.

This event will provide:

A unique networking opportunity for professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds and specialities to meet together and examine reasons to explain the labelling and packaging issues that have been associated with medicinal products.

The chance for key stakeholders representing academia, healthcare, the pharmaceutical industry, and patient communities, to work collectively in making recommendations for the future labelling and development of appropriate packaging of medicines.

We also aim to identify a group of individuals from those attending who will go on to work collectively in implementing those recommendations into future packaging and labelling practice.

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