This conference focuses on reducing medication errors and the level of severe, avoidable harm related to medications. The conference focuses on prioritising high risk medications and high risk patient groups to enable your interventions to have the highest impact on patient care and reduction in patient harm. The conference which aims to bring together clinicians and pharmacists, managers, and medication safety officers and leads will reflect on medication safety issues that have arisen as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, help you to understand current national developments, and allow you to debate and discuss key issues and areas in improving and monitoring medication safety, reducing medication errors and harm in hospitals.

More than 237 million medication errors are made every year in England, the avoidable consequences of which cost the NHS upwards of £98 million and more than 1700 lives every year, indicate national estimates… Errors are made at every stage of the process, with over half (54%) made at the point of administration and around 1 in 5 made during prescribing (21%). Dispensing accounts for 16% of the total…. Around 1 in 5 medication errors are made in hospitals… The researchers calculated that “definitely avoidable” medication errors cost the NHS nearly £98.5 million every year and 1708 lives… Effective targeting of finite healthcare resources to reduce medication errors requires understanding of where errors cause the most burden.”

The BMJ, June 2020

“When errors occur in prescribing high-risk medications for older patients with multiple medical problems, there is a significant risk of serious harm. High-risk medicines are those which risk significant patient harm or death when used in error.”

Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch

During the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, since March 2020, there has been a significant decrease in the number of patient safety incidents being reported…The main categories of errors reported were those involving medication errors, such as the wrong drug, strength or formulation… 10.3% of incidents reported included Covid-19 work pressures as other important factors contributing to incidents”

National Pharmacy Association October 2020

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