Guidance for Human Factors Evaluations in Procurement

The Western Canada Human Factors Collaborative

The Western Canada Human Factors Collaborative was developed as a subcommittee of the Western
Healthcare CEO Forum by request from the Western Canada Quality and Patient Safety Group and the
Western Canada […]

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Updated Just Culture Guide – NHS Improvement

NHS Improvement have updated their Just Culture Guide.

To download click here

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NMC Consultation on standards of proficiency for registered nurses

The NMC have currently gone out to consultation on the draft standards in proficiency for registered nurses, the deadline for the consultation is the 12th September 2017.

We believe that nurses’s of the future require not […]

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Works system design for patient safety: The SEIPS Model

Most errors and inefficiencies in patient care arise not from the solitary actions of individuals but from conflicting, incomplete, or sub-optimal systems of which they are a part and with which they interact. To improve […]

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The Blame Game by Steven Shorrock

In this article Steven Shorrock talks about the Blame Game and Just Culture.  He refers to the recent incident at the Oscars where the wrong winner was read out. Please click here to read […]

Patient Safety Collaboratives

England’s 15 Patient Safety Collaboratives play an essential role in identifying and spreading safer care initiatives from within the NHS and industry, ensuring these are shared and implemented throughout the system.

They are based in the […]

Emergency Prompt Cards

  • How does a consultant confirm all the initial steps in management have been completed?
  • How does the doctor new to the emergency department learn how to deal with a condition they have never managed […]

Going into Hospital – A Guide for Patients, Carers and Families

This book has been written by a surgeon, a pharmacist and a psychologist (our very own Prof Charles Vincent).  It’s a guide for those of us unlucky enough to spend time in hospital as either […]

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Safer Clinical Systems – A proactive approach to building safe healthcare systems

A reference guide for Clinicians and Managers by the Safer Clinical Systems Team at Warwick Medical School.

It’s time to do something different in patient safety.

In healthcare, our approach to patient safety is almost entirely reactive. […]

Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch – Expert Advisory Group Report

The Government have published the Expert Advisory Group report which recommends how the new “Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch” in NHS England should be established.

You’ll be aware that the CHFG have campaigned for many years for […]