The NHS Patient Safety Conference, in partnership with Patient Safety Learning, is a long-standing virtual and in-person event series that has welcomed over 1500 NHS professionals through its doors. The event provides a platform for NHS Safety Managers and leaders to listen, learn and engage with sector-leading speakers, innovative suppliers, and 300+ peers from across the NHS estate.

In February 2021, further updates and changes were made to the NHS Patient Safety Strategy. The most significant strategy update is the new commitment to address patient safety inequalities, with a new objective added to the safety system strand of the strategy. Our event series provides a timely platform to discuss these changes.

Key event topics are run across 3 key pillars:


  • Adopt and promote fundamental safety measurement principles and use culture metrics to better understand how safe care is.
  • Use new digital technologies to support learning from what does and does not go well, by replacing the National Reporting and Learning System with a new safety learning system.
  • Introduce the Patient Safety Incident Response Framework to improve the response to an investigation of incidents and implement a new medical examiner system to scrutinise deaths.
  • Improve the response to new and emerging risks, supported by the new National Patient Safety Alerts Committee
  • Share an insight from litigation to prevent harm.


  • Establish principles and expectations for the involvement of patients, families, carers, and other lay people in providing safer care.
  • Create the first system-wide and consistent patient safety syllabus, training, and education framework for the NHS.
  • Establish patient safety specialists to lead safety improvement across the system.
  • Ensure people are equipped to learn from what goes well as well as to respond appropriately to things going wrong.
  • Ensure the whole healthcare system is involved in the safety agenda.


  • Deliver the National Patient Safety Improvement Programme, building on the existing focus on preventing avoidable deterioration and adopting and spreading safety interventions.
  • Deliver the Maternity and Neonatal Safety Improvement Programme to support a reduction in stillbirth, neonatal and maternal death, and neonatal asphyxia brain injury by 50% by 2025.
  • Develop the Medicines Safety Improvement Programme to increase the safety of those areas of medication use currently considered the highest risk.
  • Deliver a Mental Health Safety Improvement Programme to tackle priority areas, including restrictive practice and sexual safety.
  • Work with partners across the NHS to support safety improvement in priority areas such as the safety of older people, the safety of those with learning disabilities and the continuing threat of antimicrobial resistance.
  • Work to ensure research and innovation support safety improvement.

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