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Who we are and what we do

We are a charity of clinicians and experts driven to improve patient safety

The Clinical Human Factors Group was set up by Martin Bromiley after his late wife died needlessly following a routine operation. Ten years on, the Charity has influenced a generation of workers by promoting the application of Human Factors science in all areas of healthcare. However, the NHS continues to have 150 preventable deaths per week so there’s more to do. 

Our Trustees and Ambassadors work in clinical practice and fields related to Human Factors, quality and learning. They stay on top of the latest developments and critically examine best practices, research and current thinking to ensure we stay on-mission.

Our mission is:

  • Design for safety. Embed Human Factors science into procurement, design and delivery of care.
  • Learn from success and failure. Encourage a just culture, better local investigations, so mistakes are not repeated and success is.
  • Educate and promote Human Factors in all healthcare settings

While Government, patient safety programmes, initiatives and groups come and go, the Charity continues to be recognised and trusted as independent and recognised group.  We serve as a repository for resources, best practice, knowledge and organisational memory.  We work across organisations, departments and disciplines and our independence allows us to raise the awkward questions and challenge mainstream assumptions.

Joint Committee published report on HSSIB

The House of Lords and House of Commons created a Joint Select Committee to review the draft Health Service Safety Investigations Bill.  This Committee was […]

Just a routine operation

Martin Bromiley explains how the death of his late wife, Elaine, initiated the founding of CHFG.

Human factors resources