The Charity has over 2800 supporters and our website attracts approximately 30,000 visits per year. Our supporters work in a range of healthcare roles including: clinical professionals, allied professions as well as managers, suppliers and designers. They all have an interest in human factors and ergonomics within healthcare.

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Practical Patient Safety Solutions – Improving safety in healthcare by understanding the psychology of error
Summary: “Our aim at Practical Patient Safety Solutions Ltd is simple – Improve safety in healthcare by understanding the psychology of error.

We offer a number of courses, including our CIEHF accredited one-day Level 1 introductory course in error in healthcare, which is aimed at all healthcare professionals. Our Level 2 course is for those who want to gain a more advanced understanding of human factors in the clinical setting and is aimed at team leaders, senior clinicians and senior management. We are developing an eLearning platform to supplement our courses, to provide flexibility for both healthcare professionals as well as the healthcare providers they work for.
MedLed – Human Factors for Healthcare Courses – A Performance Science Approach
Business Phone Number: 01628 933490
Summary: MedLed provides CIEHF Accredited High Performance Training and consultancy services in Human Factors and HOP (Human & Organisational Performance), designed specifically for healthcare.
Distance Learning Courses now available!
- Interactive Webinars
- Virtual Workshops
- Full courses including a combination of Live Workshops and Targeted Activities that can be done in a flexible manner (videos, podcasts, case studies, activities/games, quizzes and research papers)
- Human Factors Train the Trainer course
Please contact us for more information and an e-portfolio
Human Factors in a Healthcare Environment Course
Summary: Discover how understanding human factors can improve patient safety

Human factors is the study of how humans behave and interact with each other and their surroundings. It considers how humans interact in the workplace and how, due to the inevitability of human error, mistakes are likely to occur.
SCReaM Human Factors and Team Resource Management Programme
Contact Email:
Summary: SCReaM is the Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust’s (RSFT’s) Human Factors and Team Resource Management Programme. We have been running since 2014 with the aim of raising the awareness, understanding, and application of Human Factors across the Trust in order to improve staff, and consequently patient, safety and wellbeing.
Liv Systems – Human Factors Integration Course
Business Phone Number: +44 117 230 2090
Contact Email:
Summary: Liv Systems is an independent Human Factors consultancy that applies Psychology and Ergonomics to make products and services that are safe and easy to use. Our mission is to tame technology and provide meaningful, safe, and enriching circumstances for the general public and people at work.
Future Learn Airway Matters – Free online course
Business Phone Number: sdfbdb
Contact Email: bgfsb
Summary: Future Learn and UCL have worked together to supply this free online course incorporating the case study of Elaine Bromiley and the events that led up to her tragic death.
Global Air Training Human Factors Courses for Healthcare
Summary: Global Air Training provides a range of human factors courses specifically designed for healthcare. Over 23 years we have gained worldwide recognition as a centre of excellence in Human Factors Training. We have worked with more than 100 NHS Trusts and healthcare organisations throughout the UK and overseas.
Atrainability – Human Factors for Healthcare Courses
Summary: Atrainability have been delivering Human Factors training solutions across healthcare since 2002 and since 1992 in professions such as aviation and nuclear power. Very much focused on offering practical tools and skills to help individuals and teams recognise and trap threats to safety, the team have garnered significant testimonials and established long-term training relationships with a multitude of NHS and private care providers, as well as developing national programs.
Terema – Training for Patient Safety
Summary: Terema have been delivering Human Factors training in Healthcare since 2001.

Our expertise and experience is in spreading competence and capability in the management of vulnerability in front line staff.
CHFG eLearning Modules Creating Patient Safety
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Summary: In support of the National Patient Safety Syllabus CHFG have created 2 e-learning modules 'Creating Patient Safety', both based around a short film reflecting a real life near miss scenario. It shows the kind of example that many users will have experienced during their working environment. In our experience learning derived from a true story enables the user to be able to relate to the situation and reinforces the key messages around patient safety.