We partner with organisations that want to improve patient safety

We’d like to develop mutually beneficial relationships

In return for your investment your organisation will be visible to our growing support base – currently 2600 doctors, nurses, managers and health care professionals, 9000 Twitter followers, and targeted seminar audiences.

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What we need funding for…

Tackling poor designs that impact patient safety


Improving Human Factors education


Managing a forum for front line workers


Shaping forthcoming regulations


Influencing policy


“To be offered the opportunity to sponsor the CHFG event was a privilege and one we would gladly repeat. The whole endeavour has the full support of Atrainability and the team.

Martin Bromiley is an inspirational figure and has around him a superb team who are skilled and committed to producing an event that offers so much well-informed debate and chance to gain fresh understanding of a crucial topic for us all.”

Trevor Dale

Key Sponsors & Supporters

The CHFG is a charitable organisation and we would like to thank all our sponsors and supporters. Please note that we don’t endorse any specific organisations.

The Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF) and the Clinical Human Factors Group (CHFG) are working together to promote an interest in and the integration of Human Factors and Ergonomics within the UK healthcare sector to improve patient and staff safety.

Each organisation brings a unique strength: the CIEHF membership is the largest group of professional human factors and ergonomics specialists in the UK; and the CHFG network engages with a wide range of clinical and managerial healthcare staff and strategic influencers interested in human factors and ergonomics. We believe by strengthening connections between these supporter bases, and extending our reach, we are likely to increase the understanding and integration of human factors and ergonomics in healthcare.

In short, the CHFG continue to succeed in promoting human factors and ergonomics with a high profile within healthcare, CIEHF members deliver qualified human factors and ergonomics members work across all sectors of the economy including members in academia.

An enormous thank you to the 6th Form at Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School Charity Day.

They raised an amazing £2904.93 for CHFG.

Your donation is greatly appreciated, and Martin Bromiley OBE, CHFG Chair would like to  thank you for your donation which will help us in our goal of ensuring patient safety throughout the health service.

Notes for potential sponsors:

To protect the integrity of the Clinical Human Factors Group we ask sponsors and prospective sponsors to help us meet the following conditions:

  1. All funds secured from external sources should further our charitable objectives and at least one of the aims in our Mission, and be in keeping with our strategic priorities.
  2. We will not endorse specific companies and/or products.
  3. We won’t enter into any relationship that would compromise our independence.
  4. We will be transparent about with whom we are working and the nature of the engagement.  We will set out the benefits to both the Clinical Human Factors Group and the organisation giving funds.
  5. We will work with organisations where there is no conflict of interest (real or perceived) with our work.
  6. We will maintain editorial control over published material.
  7. We will retain control over project activities, outputs and our intellectual property.
  8. Speaking opportunities at our events must be relevant to the theme and audience and cannot be used as a platform to promote products or services, unless otherwise agreed.
  9. No organisation will be given the sole rights to sponsorship.  Our aim is to avoid reliance on funding from a sole source.
  10. We reserve the right to withdraw from any arrangement if the above principles are no longer met.