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In support of the National Patient Safety Syllabus CHFG have created 2 e-learning modules 'Creating Patient Safety', both based around a short film reflecting a real life near miss scenario. It shows the kind of example that many users will have experienced during their working environment. In our experience learning derived from a true story enables the user to be able to relate to the situation and reinforces the key messages around patient safety.

Module 1

Module 1 is a 20 minute introductory course on Human Factors in healthcare, focusing on how we can make patients safer. It is designed as a simple introduction for all staff, particularly those in non-clinical roles who may not have come across basic Human Factors principals before.

Patient safety is everyone’s responsibility and this course will focus on simple things we can all do to create safety, making it easier to do the right thing, for the right patient at the right time. The film scenario is broken into 3 parts where the user will follow a journey through the story, having the opportunity to reflect and consider the outcome and what could have been done to improve patient safety. The user will explore communication, behaviour, approachability and speaking-up.

Module 2

Module 2 is 40 minutes and is designed as a more in-depth introduction for clinical staff and those who have a basic understanding of Human Factors. Module 1 does not need to be completed to do module 2 as this takes the same format as module 1 by using the same film scenario. In this module the user will  look at some human factors concepts including situational awareness, decision-making and cognitive workload and how these are affected by our environment and our behaviour.

The user will learn to use simple Human Factors models and tools to improve communication and teamwork, making it easier for people to speak up and mitigate risk.  The module will incorporate interviews with leading experts in human factors in healthcare.

Both courses are interactive, with opportunities to reflect, make and print out notes and measure the users understanding throughout.

We will supply you with the SCORM file so that the training can be added to your organisation’s Learning Management System and is based on an organisation-wide license. It is fully responsive and can be viewed in any device and meets NHS eLearning standards and access standards.

The eLearning has been designed by healthcare professionals for healthcare workers and we hope that you and your staff enjoy this product.

  • CHFG eLearning Modules Creating Patient Safety