Facere Melius are the only NHS Framework Provider approved training supplier that worked closely with NHS England in developing tools and guidance to support PSIRF.

This training will support the development of expert understanding and oversight of systems based patient safety incident response throughout the healthcare system – in line with NHS guidance, based upon national and internationally recognised good practice.

This course covers the end-to-end systems-based patient safety incident response based upon the new NHS PSIRF and includes:

  • PSIRF and associated documents (PSIRP, PSII standards)
  • oversight framework
  • effective oversight and supporting processes related to incident response
  • maintaining an open, transparent, and improvement focused culture
  • importance of communication and involvement of those affected (preventing further harm)
  • commissioning and planning of patient safety incident investigations
  • complex investigations spanning different organisational, care setting, and stakeholder boundaries

If you would like more information on this conference please go to¬†the organiser’s website