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By joining our cause, our collective strength will grow. It is crucial that we do all that we can to expand the dialogue between clinicians, managers and users of health services. This will ensure a strong voice for change reflecting the real concerns and views of all these groups.

Please get involved.  By subscribing to our mailing list (complete the short form below) you will receive regular (but not overloading) e-news bulletins about forthcoming events, emerging human factors news and progress on our manifesto aims.  Or you can email us at info@chfg.orgif you have a specific enquiry or would like to share a story or experience.

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CHFG have also launched a Discussion Group on the popular professional networking site LinkedIn. The aim is to see if this “many to many” approach will help to make the experience and expertise of the group more available and easily accessible so your feedback on how it works (or doesn’t) will be valuable.

Anyone can join the CHFG LinkedIn group – You might need to register for LinkedIn if you are not already a member.

For general enquiries, here.