“On a winter’s morning in April 2020, we approached the London Excel centre transformed by the pandemic and the predicted first wave into the NHS Nightingale Hospital, London (NGL).  For some of us it was the first time out since lockdown started to join a new team, in a new workplace, in a new pandemic. 

The NGL Education and Training team had already identified the value of utilising Human Factors and Ergonomics (HFE) to help prepare and orientate staff in a rapidly evolving working environment and clinical operating model and thanks to the team – introductions to the established NGL working groups were possible.

At the NGL, as is often the case, the involvement of HFE experts was late in the life cycle of the programme, so by the time we arrived the work, the physical and organisational systems were already designed and being placed into operation. 

Our three weeks on site provided an insight to common work system issues the multiple challenges relating to setup, logistics, communication, staff recruitment, training, and the clinical operating models.”

Jo Simmons Programme Manager CHFG

Read the full article here: Reflections on the NHS Nightingale London from a Human Factors and Ergonomics perspective – some key lessons for supporting rapid adaptation and transformation in health and care https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AGjCBjCZY572FMXGWB6BSFA1HsQmeuyl/view?usp=sharing

Bryn Baxendale, Emma Crumpton, Clinton John, Jo Simmons, Patrick Waterson, Gyuchan Thomas Jun and Al Ross