Trainetics is a highly innovative, industry-leading Human Factors consultancy and training enterprise, operating across diverse healthcare settings for individual healthcare professionals as well as departments, divisions, projects and institutions looking to drive patient safety and quality improvement.

Held at the British Airways Global Learning Academy, our courses offer individually tailored, evidenced and coherent solutions to enhanced patient safety and clinical excellence which can be designed and implemented alongside existing governance structures and training procedures. We also deliver bespoke training services, addressing the specific nature and unique challenges of our clients’ objectives, operations and procedures.

Training focuses on equipping participants with a highly personalised suite of skills, which will complement their clinical competencies and elicit a deeper understanding of the ways in which it is possible to optimise performance in complex, high-reliability organisations.

Workshops feature highly interactive teaching and skills-development experiences in a diverse range of world-class learning environments, delivered by experienced professional leaders at the very cutting edge of Human Factors research and thinking.

We are committed to delivering relevant training which feeds directly into clinical practice. To that end, we undertake a continual process of review and evaluation which allows us to remain at the forefront of best practice in Human Factors.

We offer a range of courses structured around the needs of practising healthcare professionals in a variety of settings and roles. Courses are listed below and on our website.

  • Clinical Leadership Programme
  • Clinical HF – Secondary Care
  • Clinical HF – Critical Care
  • Clinical HF – Primary Care
  • Bespoke Courses

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