Prof. Debbie Rosenorn-Lanng is using a safety II approach to capture successes in human factors/non-technical skills during the Covid emergency. Can we help you to consolidate your learning so that we can pass it on to others through a series of Podcasts.

Please email us:

Stating: Your name and role (confirming you are on the frontline).

We are flexible and will fit in with you.
Phone/email/individual Zoom/group Zoom – tell us what you’d prefer. We love to hear your Top Tips for any of:
1. What makes a great briefing?
2. What are the best ways you find for coping with stress and anxiety?
3. What does inspiratonal leadership look like during covid?
4. When you are unfamiliar with the work, what has helped?
5. Any checklists or aide memoires that are emerging as helpful
6. Which methods of encouraging staff to speak up have been most effective?
7. How have you been helping each other recognise tiredness, hunger or thirst and take breaks?
8. Which debriefs worked best and how was learning shared?
9. The wider healthcare team -­‐ those in isolation, in cold areas, working from home, social care -­‐ what has been most useful in these groups?

Or anything else you have found useful.

All ideas or innovations or challenges most welcome.