During this seminar we will be joined by Dr Steven Shorrock, Chartered Ergonomist and Human Factors specialist, Dr Lauren Morgan, chartered Human Factors specialist and Dr Neil Spenceley, Clinical Director of Paediatric Intensive Care and Anaesthesia, Royal Children’s Hospital, Glasgow.

Dr Steven Shorrock, Chartered Psychologist and Human Factors specialist – Understanding and improving the reality of human work

Learning from everyday work should be the aim of all efforts to improve organisational functioning and performance. The reality of ‘work-as-done’ (how things really get done) by everyone, in front-line, support, and management roles, influences all aspects of organisational functioning. This session will explore and demystify some key themes and myths:

  • The realities of work at all levels
  • Understanding work-as-done and its proxies
  • Improving how we work

Dr Lauren Morgan, Human Factors specialist – Building Human Factors into the fabric of our hospitals

The design of healthcare environments can significantly influence clinical outcomes, efficiency, staff wellbeing and retention. Healthcare providers and employers who take steps to understand the reality of working practice (work-as-done) soon see the practical benefits to inclusive design. In this session Lauren shares some of the human factors approaches she uses in including staff and patients in designing hospitals and clinical areas.

Dr Neil Spenceley, Clinical Director of Paediatric and intensive care – The real price of Swiss Cheese: has patient safety had its day?

Human performance and clinical outcomes are supported and hindered by the systems they function within.  Putting staff first and recognising their vulnerability and strength, enables organisations, leaders and system designers to appreciate and predict how they will adapt to the ever-changing demands of healthcare and medicine, with all of its quirks and formidable hierarchies.   In this session Neil talks about his observations and values as a clinician at the front line, in the context of safety.

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