There are already similar policies/schemes to Martha’s Rule such as Call 4 Concern (C4C) and Ryan’s Rule that serve as family activated escalation systems:

“Clinical staff identify patient deterioration by assessing their physiological vital signs in conjunction with an Early Warning Scoring system, however this process can fail if protocol is not followed, observations are misinterpreted, or deterioration is not adequately managed and escalated. The C4C © service recognises that friends and relatives possess the ability to recognise ‘soft signs’ of deterioration in their loved one before it becomes apparent to staff or identifiable through scoring systems, enabling the ability to rescue at risk patients at the earliest opportunity, preventing continued clinical deterioration”

Marie-Clare Ratcliffe, Royal College of Nursing

This conference brings together leading experts at the forefront of Martha’s Rule implementation and offers a comprehensive and practical guide for clinical staff to seamlessly integrate Martha’s Rule into their daily practice. The conference delves into the caregiver’s perspective, principles and implications of Martha’s Rule, legal and patient safety considerations, effective communication strategies, and the use of technology in the adoption of Martha’s Rule. Throughout the day, there will be interactive sessions, small breakout groups, and collaborative exercises, fostering a dynamic learning experience.

This conference will enable you to:

  • Network with colleagues who are working to improve patient safety within the NHS
  • Learn about the conceptual foundations and legal implications of Martha’s Rule in the NHS
  • Understand the legal framework and ethical considerations surrounding Martha’s Rule to ensure compliance
  • Develop effective communication skills to articulate Martha’s Rule to patients and relatives of patients
  • Learn how to foster a collaborative decision-making process between patients and clinicians
  • Implement best practices for creating a culture within their organisation to embrace Martha’s Rule
  • Gain insights into optimising EHR and other technologies to facilitate the second opinion process
  • Apply interactive case studies to enhance practical understanding and application of Martha’s Rule
  • This conference supports CPD professional development and acts as revalidation evidence. This course provides 5 Hrs training for CPD subject to peer group approval for revalidation purposes

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