Healthcare Conferences UK in association with Christopher Fincken Former Chair of the UK Caldicott Guardian Council are pleased to announce the 9th National Annual Caldicott Guardians Conference which will return to an in person event with the option of virtual attendance. There are now more than 22,000 Caldicott Guardians in place in health, social care and beyond. Following the success of our previous Caldicott Guardian Events, and feedback from our regular Caldicott Training Masterclasses, this conference aims to bring current and aspiring Caldicott Guardians together to understand current issues and the national context, and to debate and discuss key issues and areas they are facing in practice. Chaired by Christopher Fincken, this conference will give you the opportunity to focus on the key areas of developing your skills as an effective Caldicott Guardian, learning from experienced Caldicott Guardians and Caldicott Decision Making. Hot topics this year will focus information sharing with the police, developing a Caldicott Support Function, information sharing after death, in emergency situations and information sharing issues both in children and young adults, and at the end of life.

“I am keenly aware of the vital part that Caldicott Guardians play in ensuring people’s data is used responsibly to support the delivery of better care. Having more staff in the system to advise on the ethical and legal aspects of data sharing benefits us all.”

Dr Nicola Byrne, National Data Guardian for Health and Social Care, 30th August 2022

“Even after 23 years since its inception, the Caldicott Principles and Caldicott Guardians (22,000 of them) were still considered valuable and useful today… the Caldicott Principles are an invaluable resource that can provide staff with a common sense approach. Playing an important part in embedding these principles into the work of their organisatons, Caldicott Guardians are often referred to as the conscience of their organisation. They have a deep understanding of how health and care data is different to other data, because in many cases they are clinicians and care providers themselves, and therefore are advocates for patients and service users.”

NHSX 2021

This conference will enable you to:

  • Network with fellow Caldicott Guardians and those working to deliver the Caldicott Role and Principles
  • Learn from Caldicott Guardians about issues they are facing in practice
  • Understand and reflect on what makes an excellent Caldicott Guardian and what are the competencies required
  • Improving understanding of frontline staff in the Caldicott Principles and developing a Caldicott Culture
  • Understand public expectations of the use of health and care data
  • Reflect on emerging issues that have arisen due to Covid-19
  • Self Assessment of your decision making skills as a Caldicott Guardian
  • Update your knowledge on national developments including the revised principles and the 8th Caldicott Principle
  • Learn how organisations are supporting Caldicott Guardians through a Caldicott Support Group including patients
  • Understand how to manage difficult issues and ethical dilemmas for Caldicott Guardians
  • Understand the legal context behind information sharing after death
  • Learn from case studies in information sharing with the police, in emergency situtions, in suidice, in children and young people and at the end of life
  • Apply the Caldicott Principles to sharing information with families, and friends

To book your place at this event please go to the organiser’s website