This one day masterclass is part of a series of masterclasses focusing on how to use Human Factors in your workplace and is aligned with the new Patient Safety Syllabus and subsequent Patient Safety Incident Response Framework (PSIRF).

The new Patient Safety Strategy advises that organisations must adopt a new and broader approach to stimulate learning from patient safety incidents. This course is designed to assist healthcare professionals involved in this important work.

The main purpose is to provide learners with a full understanding of the various approaches that can now be used to conduct patient safety incident investigation (PSIIs). Traditionally, root cause analysis has been used as a blanket approach to diagnosing why patient safety have been compromised, but healthcare teams are henceforth being encouraged to adopt a wider range of methods that will both save time and facilitate enhanced learning. The focus is now on appropriate proportionality in response to incidents that occur in their organisation.

Discount for attending all five Patient Safety and Human Factors Series masterclasses: £295+VAT per masterclass or, £1,180+VAT for all five.

Key Learning Objectives:

Understand the new patient safety landscape
Understand the need for proportionality of investigation
Learn how to use a range of techniques for conducting PSIIs
Understand how to write an impactful improvement plan
Consider how your current approach to patient safety investigations compares to the agreed national standards
Understand typical pitfalls and traps associated with this wider workstream and tips for avoiding them.

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