The Safety for All campaign has produced a White Paper calling for improvements in, and between, patient and healthcare worker safety to prevent safety incidents and deliver better outcomes for all by:

  • Improved understanding and advocacy of the mutual benefits to be accrued for patient safety by improving healthcare worker safety, and vice versa, and of the common risks, factors and interventions across patient and healthcare worker safety
  • The application of shared learning and best practice between workplace and patient safety and, where appropriate, aligned or integrated synergistic solutions in safety systems, standards, governance and preventive measures
  • Resources, leadership and staff committed to a stronger, reciprocal patient and workplace safety culture, with safety as a core purpose for both, underpinned by better education and training
  • Greater support for staff, and for them to speak up, following patient safety incidents, including a safety care pathway for both patients and staff, and to ingrain a just culture
  • Improved risk management and reporting of safety incidents, learning and communication across patient and healthcare worker safety

Please view the White Paper below