Despite huge efforts on the part of healthcare professionals to improve patient safety within the NHS, significant barriers remain. Prominent researchers have argued that it is difficult to ascertain whether patients are any safer, even after the many patient safety campaigns that have been run in the UK and internationally.

This year’s CHFG conference will focus on:

  • why, after a number of decades, this problem still persists
  • the barriers to patient safety improvement 
  • the possible ways these can be overcome in the future.


14.00 Welcome – Patron Prof. Sir Ian Kennedy – Emeritus Prof. of Health law, Ethics and Policy at University College London

14.15 Progress and Challenges in Patient Safety – Prof. Charles Vincent – Prof. of Psychology, University of Oxford

14.45 Obstacles along the road to Patent Safety – Sue Deakin – Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon West Suffolk NHS Trust

15.15 Panel discussion and questions

15.45 Refreshment break

16.00 Patient Safety – What can we do better? Jannicke Mellin-Olsen – Consultant Anaesthetist Bærum Hospital, Norway

16.30 Lessons Learned and Lives Changed – Dr Navreet Ghuman – Consultant Anaesthetist, Milton Keynes University Hospital

16.45 Panel discussion and questions

17.15 Closing remarks

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