Deep dive into QI methods and Tools with examples.

This one day masterclass will focus on Quality Improvement Methods with a specific focus on PDSA Cycles, Statistical Process Control, Driver diagrams and Appreciative Inquiry.

These 4 QI Tools are the ones most commonly used in healthcare and we will look into how to use these methods using examples and small group sessions.

All Clinical Staff and Team Leads should attend.

Using PDSA cycles enables you to test out changes on a small scale, building on the learning from these test cycles in a structured way before wholesale implementation. This gives stakeholders the opportunity to see if the proposed change will succeed and is a powerful tool for learning from ideas that do and don’t work. This way, the process of change is safer and less disruptive for patients and staff. When to use it when planning any improvement or change to work processes, it is essential to know what you want to achieve, how you will measure improvement and to be explicit about the idea to be tested. You may not get the results you expect so it is safer and more effective to test out improvements on a small scale before implementing them across the board.

NHS England and Improvement 2021

Key Learning Objectives:

  •  PDSA
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Driver Diagrams
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Human Factors
  • Bias

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